Huge water reserve discovered in Kenya

Lotikipi in numbers:

  • The aquifer is approximately 100 km (62 miles) by 66 km (41 miles).
  • It has a surface area of 4,164 km2.
  • It contains an estimated 200 billion cubic metres of fresh water.
  • Lotikipi alone holds 900% more than Kenya’s current water reserves.

UNESCO and the Kenyan government – funded by Japan – have been using satellite, radar and geological technology in a bid to find supplies of water.

El acuífero bajo 300 m. de la superficie contiene agua suficiente para satisfacer las necesidades de Kenia durante 70 años y puede proporcionar agua indefinidamente ya que se alimenta de las montañas circundantes.

Water comes out of the pipe on the Lotikipi plain. Credit: ITV News

Earlier this year, they discovered five aquifers in north west Kenya and began exploratory drilling on two. As well as Lotikipi, a much smaller pool of water was found in Lodwar.

The discovery of Lotikipi will be officially announced on Wednesday (11 September) when the Kenyan government will also reveal how they plan to use the resource for the good of the country.

The tribal people in Lotikipi sing a water praying song in front of the pipe. Credit: ITV News
  The Lotikipi aquifer is much larger than the other four discovered in north west Kenya. Credit: UNESCO